The desire for more, the fear of missing out, the tendency to compare against others, the influence of the crowd and the dream of the sure thing—these factors are near universal. Thus they have a profound collective impact on most investors and most markets.

— Howard Marks

Investing is not just about know-how; but about natural human desires that are counterproductive to investing outcomes. This is not just theoretical. The underperformance of the average investor to the funds they invest in are attributable to psychological traps that lead to buying and selling at the wrong time*.

Over the decades of serving institutional investors & Ultra High Net Worth individuals, we have seen investors who were never happy with their investment return. Realistically, if our investors are not happy, we will not be happy.

That is why we create our strategy to have a win-win for investors and us.

We address the “what ifs...” from the beginning to ensure investors' expectations are aligned with their future investment outcomes. We only work with qualified advisers who understand the investors and are willing to walk the life journey with them. This way, we have a higher chance of going through the investment journey together, even when the going gets rough.

By aligning expectations throughout the investment journey, we are able to bridge the performance gap arising from psychological traps.

Bridging the gaps for our investors
Note: The above is for illustration purposes only.

Furthermore, investing in opportunities with better structural characteristics such as quality and value allows investors to expect better returns than market indices.

Why We Can

The boutique set up makes sure we can be flexible, responsive and proactive. We embrace the latest technology and constantly improve our processes to complement our asset management solutions. Constant evolution to focus on our investors' needs is ingrained in our beliefs. ​

History tells us that economic crises are not accidents, but part and parcel of the economy and financial markets.​ Survived from multiple crises, FAM’s senior management team is fully aware of the impact crises bring to investors. We factor crisis scenarios in our investment decision making and design our investment products to mitigate potential losses from such crisis while taking advantage of the market opportunities.​

​In an unpredictable world, we understand that for many investors, avoiding large losses is even more important than making significant profits. We adopt a risk-based investment strategy aiming to capture more upside returns while controlling downside risks.

We are investors too. It pains us to see investors not get the return when the investments perform. We are here to change it. A key ingredient is a culture of aligned interest, performance with 0% management fee model aligns our interests with investors. This way, we will try our best to ensure investors achieve net profits on their investments rather than buying low and selling high.

​With our start-up culture, our team members are driven and continuously seeking results. It is here where one of the human tendencies to desire for better "afflicts" us, pushing for constant improvement and development. When one works for meaning not money, their profession is a calling not a job, they build talent not function; retention will come naturally.

Meet the people behind the philosophy and strategy