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External Asset Management

If you have investible assets in excess of USD 10 million, you are likely to have financial concerns beyond investment returns or lower transaction and interest costs. Hidden issues might potentially wipe-out the family wealth if you don't have a comprehensive plan. For instance, legal fee incurred when there are disputes over the family wealth, tax liabilities when taking over an offshore property. There is also significant risk in the failure to safeguard the family wealth when the owner passes away or in the event of forced liquidation of the family business due to the lack of a proper succession plan.

You will also likely have multiple accounts with various banks, each being managed separately. That will create more complexity as different parties usually have different agenda and do not talk to each other. In order to leave a legacy beyond your wealth, you need to cover all areas including investment, trust, insurance, legal, tax, and even which passport to hold in a holistic manner.

With decades of experience representing regional ultra-high net worth clients, FAM works in synergy with leading private banks as an independent asset manager. We acts in clients' interests to research, and negotiate with financial institutions to tailor appropriate solutions.

We integrate and manage investment exposures across different banks so that your entire investment portfolio achieves its objective instead of remaining as different silos. We do not receive transaction commission or soft dollars, hence we are not pressured to meet sales targets or generate unnecessary turnover. We are more concerned than you about cost as we are remunerated based on the value of your portfolio. And this business model brings alignment of interest to make sure the best effort will be put in on an ongoing basis so your family legacy can be passed down beyond your generation.

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