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Our Approach

We believe obtaining an above average investment return with greater predictability is more important than aiming for the high returns that are less certain. Similar to building a house, you should be confident that the house will be sturdy when the architect passes you the blueprint, and not have a fitful wait until the project is fully completed. Same for our investments strategies, we can predict the long term return if the agreed strategy can be implemented in a disciplined manner.

Building on decades of research*, we focus on finding the different drivers behind securities prices, continuously studying how different drivers interact with each other under various market conditions, and blend them together to get higher than market returns.

While most people invest in world equities, we choose to invest in opportunities with better structural characteristics such as quality and value that have a higher likelihood of better returns.

Systems for financial research evolve rapidly, requiring investors to improve and even overhaul their infrastructure. With no clunky legacy systems, we embrace and leverage on advances in data and analytics to build up our proprietary database to monitor all the factors with a forward looking decision process. This allows us to implement our 5-step investment strategy process more efficiently.

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